10 best games for date night

The stars have aligned, you’ve met the love of your life, and you finally have a day off to spend together. Going out for date night every week is too expensive, but you still want to have some quality time. Well order some pizza and stay in your jammies, cause we have the solution, Here’s our Top 10 list of games to play on date night, complete with videos of couples streaming them!

10) Gang beasts


Platform:  PlayStation, WindowsMacintosh and Linux

Genre: Party Game

Released: August 2014

Why its fun:

In any relationship its important to learn to love each other’s flaws. Think of Gang Beasts as practice. This physics based party game has loads of mini-games and puzzles to figure out. The rag doll physics are at the same time awkward and endearing, just like that old couple we all aspire to be. Whether working cooperatively or facing off head to head, Gang Beasts has what you’re looking for.

9) Fortnite

fortnite valentines update

Platform: Windows, Mac, Mobile

Genre: Shooter/Builder

Released: July 2017

Why its fun:

We actually wrote an entire article on why Fortnite is so popular, but we didn’t address it’s date night potential. Fortnite rewards teamwork and specialization of characters. So if one person wants to get headshots and the other wants to build a house, you can do that in the same game. Ask any relationship counselor, compromise is key.

8) Rocket League


Platform: Windows, Mac, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Sports/Driving

Released: July 2015

Why its fun:

Remote control cars + Soccer = Good times. Rocket league is beautiful in it’s simplicity. For the more competitive couples they can go into the duo matchmaker, working together to climb the ladders of the league. For the more casual players, the game is a blast to just play in a group or 1 on 1. There’s also hats for people who like to accessorize, or for couples who like to spice things up with costumes. Just pick a good one.

7) Portal 2


Platform: PC, Xbox, Playstation

Genre: Puzzle

Released: April 2011

Why its fun:

Portal 2’s cooperative mode is great. The game is funny, simple, and the pacing is as fast or slow as players want it to be. It’s perfect for date night because the game rewards working together and has an excellent learning curve. The steam workshop allows players to even design their own levels, giving the game potentially unlimited replay value and leading to amazing surprises like the video below.

6) BattleBlock Theater


Platform: Windows, Mac, Xbox

Genre: Platformer

Released: April 2013

Why its fun:

Similar to Portal, Battleblock theater allows players to make their own levels and play other players creations online. The game has a hilarious campaign, along the same vein as the classic Castle Crashers, which was made by the same studio. Battleblock is a little more accessible because it doesn’t have the same leveling system and instead focuses on approachable gameplay. Couples can team up, but even sabotaging each other is fun.

5) Magicka 2


Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac

Genre: Action-Adventure

Released: January 2011

Why its fun:

To keep the magic fresh, cast more spells together! Magicka is a Gauntlet style adventure game where players combine elements to create custom spells. The game has an element of discovery to it that makes each session a form of experimentation. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously and has some pretty hilarious moments. It does have a higher learning curve than some of the other games on the list, but there’s nothing like learning a new combination together and teaching the spells you just created to one another. The simple top down view makes it easy to keep track of what’s going on, and controller support means console gamers can use their PS4 or Xbox controller if they prefer.

4) Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime


Platform: PC / Mac / Linux, Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox

Genre: Action, Arcade

Released: September 2015

Why its fun:

This game was designed for couples. Players must battle the forces of anti-love to save the universe, and each other. For the old school gamers the gameplay is similar to Asteroids, but modern gamers will compare the vibrant art style and fast paced gameplay to Geometry Wars. It is very simple to play, quick to pick up and difficult to master. We won’t spoil the story, but sufficed to say it is adorable and action packed. Do yourself a favor and check out this game.

3) Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


Platform: Windows, Mac, Playstation VR, Daydream

Genre: Puzzle

Released: October 2015

Why its fun:

Bomb diffusal is key in any relationship, Keep talking and nobody explodes prepares couples for that exact situation. This Virtual Reality bomb diffusal game gives one person has the diffusal instructions and the other diffuses the bomb. Communication is the entirety of the gameplay here, the person with the instructions can’t see the bomb, and the person diffusing it has to rely on verbal instruction only. The unique concept and ticking timer makes for an intense experience that simulates bomb diffusal without any of the danger. The cooperative focus makes the game very rewarding when you win, and pretty hilarious when you don’t. The VR portion of the game is technically optional, so those that don’t want to spring for an expensive VR setup need not worry, but it is way more immersive.

2) Goat Simulator



Genre: Goat Simulation

Released: April 2014

Why its fun:

You can be a kid again, just not in the way you think. Goat Simulator “is the latest in goat simulation technology,” It is a physics sandbox game that allows you to walk a mile in someone else’s hooves. You can headbutt, jump, lick, and of course, baa. The game is chock full of hidden secrets, rockets, tennis ball launchers, monsters in the woods, and of course goat fight club. The low pressure and fun exploration is perfect for couples who don’t want to feel baaad about losing. You can’t lose if you’re a goat, scientific fact.

1) ALL of the Lego Games


Platform: Basically everything

Genre: Action-Adventure

Released: 2005 (Lego Star Wars)

Why its fun:

Since it’s release in 2005, Lego Star Wars became the new gold standard for how to do multiplayer. Since then, the Lego games have transcended every major pop culture touchstone, from Spielberg to Tolkien. The game is a blast regardless of age or skill level. Even if you “die” you just get reassembled in moments. There’s collectables and hidden characters to unlock in all of the games, giving them a high replay value. The newer games have voice acting, but there’s something charming about the older, silent Lego Games where the characters use miming and grunts to advance the story. For classic relationship experience in non-verbal communication, play the original Lego Star Wars.

That’s our list for Top 10 Games for Date Night! Hope you got some good date ideas!

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Until Next Time! – GG


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